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Semiconductor Services

With a background in semiconductor process and device technology for over 25 years with experience of many process nodes, products and applications and extensive experience in problem solving I can help you to identify your failure causes and improve your problem solving skills.

Failure analysis

We're here to help you interpret any data from your failure analysis, whether this is a process, yield or field failure.


We have more than 20 years  of experience in interpretation and root cause determination of process and reliability stress related failures.


We can help to guide you on any additional analysis techniques required to understand the root cause failure mechanism(s).

Process and Materials technology

Are you looking for advice on how to optimise your process or to understand why your process is unstable (whether that is lot-to-lot, within-lot or within-wafer variation)?


We can guide you on how to identify these.

With experience of the following process types on various on various equipment sets & technology nodes (1200 HV through to FinFET) and wafer sizes (6", 200mm, 300mm):


  • Wet cleaning

  • Furnace processes (oxidation, CVD)

  • Photolithography

  • Etch

  • Ion implantation

  • PVD


  • CMP

Problem solving methodologies

Need help with creating a structured problem solving framework?

We can help you with various problem solving techniques such as 8Ds, fishbone analysis, 5 whys, Is-Is not etc. for all your semiconductor process, yield and product issues.


We also have extensive experience in FMEA (failure mode effect analysis), for your equipment, process and product designs to help identify areas of risk and to suggest potential early detection options.

Device Physics & Reliability

Do you need help to understand and interpret your device DC, AC or reliability characteristics?


Do you have product level shifts during reliability stress or normal operation that are unexpected?

With device level experience covering many device types:


  • Standard logic CMOS

  • analog CMOS



  • bipolar

  • low TCR resistors


We have first hand experience of many issues such as transistor Vt variation, RTS noise, device matching sensitivity  to name a few that we have encountered on production processes and products.

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