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Data Analytics

Turning data into information that you can act on!

What is data analytics

Data analytics also called data science is the science of extracting information from the various data sources that exist all around us, whether from structured data in databases or files in folders to unstructured data online and in social media.

There are many challenges to overcome, even with structured data due to the numerous sources and formats of data, before even thinking about unstructured data to be able to make sense out of the often overwhelming amount of data that we now have at our fingertips.

What can data analytics do for you?

By taking all of the data available to you, putting it in order and then interrogating this in the right way is where we get useful information.

They key is in asking the right questions and translating this into the correct analysis steps to find the answer to the question.

Some simple examples are:

Why have our costs gone up in the last 2 quarters and by how much?

Or, which products show the highest demand across the various seasons?

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How can we help you with data analytics

Our approach to data analytics is as follows:

  1. List all of the key questions you want to answer from the data (it is important to be as specific as you can)

  2. Identify the data sources.

  3. Assess the options to collate and reformat the data to make it usable and accessible.

  4. Sort data analysis based on importance (from step 1)

  5. Split into categories (could be based on data source/ frequency of required output/ department)

  6. Generate data analysis scripts & reports.

  7. Gather feedback, review and refine analysis output.

  8. Agree and finalise standardised analysis, reports.

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