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Software customisation, Office automation, scripting

Providing Everything You Need To Improve Your Team and Business productivity

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Custom software

Why do I need custom software?

Well, ask your team how often they need to carry out repetitive tasks manually on a daily basis?

Are they routinely manually updating spreadsheets, reformatting data, manually moving files into folders?

What about generating Word documents and Powerpoint presentations?

How much time is your team spending on this overall?

We can help to provide tailor made solutions to help your team and business spend more time analysing the data, practising and refining the presentation and less on data and file manipulation.

Microsoft Office automation

Do you need help to speed up your analysis of large spreadsheets in Excel or help to create automated and standardised analysis of data files?

Do you need to setup data import from databases, web-based or text files?

Would you like to create standard forms and templates for Word or Powerpoint? Do you have to import lots of images, files for your reports?

We can help you with all of the above to generate customised scripts in Visual Basic that are compatible across Windows and Mac*

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Scripting & task automation

Do you have situations where you need to modify and reformat files that you download from applications e.g. databases, company websites in multiple formats?

Do you need to do this on a regular basis?

We can help to create custom scripts for Windows or MacOS and configure your systems to carry this out automatically.


No more "Oh I forgot to do this". Eliminate the reliance on your staff and use your IT and computing resources more effectively. Get your staff working on value-added activities for your business!

Database, Web Server, Automated Reporting & Charting

If you're looking for an A to Z solution from to take you all the way from your raw data to a fully integrated database, web server and automated reporting and charting solution we can help to put a custom and scaleable solution for you! 

Whether your preference is windows or Mac, SQL Server or MySQL (or other options) we can work to your requirements to provide a robust and optimised solution that works for you and your business.

We have proven experience in providing similar production solutions in the semiconductor industry dealing with various systems, data types and reporting requirements.

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